Find the Physician Assistant Job That is Right for You

Physician assistant jobs are out there in the health care industry, and there will always be a high demand for a PA in a medical institution. The number of jobs are expected to rise dramatically as this next decades comes, especially in those small communities and in an inner city. In the health care industry saving money is a huge focus and its because of this focus that there has been and is going to be a huge rise jobs for PAs. Assistants are going to help save money because of the fact that they will be assisting physicians when they are performing important tasks in various medical institutions.

Opportunities for employments for PAs are easy to get because of the fact that they work alongside doctors and surgeons. PAs go through similar training and take practically the same coursework as doctors which is why they have the ability to perform tasks that were usually only meant for physicians themselves. PAs can even write prescriptions. Some specialty departments that PAs can work in are internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine. This is a very thrilling job to have because everything is so fast paced.

The schedule that a physician assistant has can be dull and it can be exciting with the PA working in place of a physician when they aren’t around. By dull, I mean during surgery the PA will be doing a lot of standing around in the surgery room assisting the doctor. Depending on the PA’s scope of practice the hours they are working on call will vary. Some PAs work in offices that set a work schedule, whereas there are PAs who work in hospitals and are on call for a full 24 hours rotating from shift to shift. I won’t lie, it can definitely get hectic but the things you’ll see and experience are unforgettable.

Most PAs usually find a job the moment they go into an internship, and after their done interning they usually get employed permanently. You’re going to have to make sure your licensure is up to date before extending an offer for employment to a doctor, hospital or any other health care institution. For each state there are different laws for getting your license and what you can and can’t do while practicing medicine.

To maintain your physician assistant license you will have to complete 100 hours of education every two years in a college or university, and you will take your re-certification exam every 6 years. This is a rewarding and fulfilling career that has many experiences rolled into it.