Is Your Physician Assistant Interview Tomorrow? Get Prepared NOW!

So you have been waiting for tomorrow to come, the day that you plan to give an amazing interview so they you gain admission into the physician assistant school of your choice. You’re going to want to really impress them with your intelligence both academically and in conversation, showing them that you’d make an excellent student for their PA program. You should also want to show them that you are someone full of compassion, that you are humble, competent, and that you aren’t arrogant.

What should have been doing prior to the day of is rehearsing your answers to whatever possible questions they may have for you. The most important question out of any that they are most definitely going to ask you is “Why do you want to be a PA?” Whatever other questions they may ask you will most likely be based on your academic qualifications, your experience working in the medical field, whatever experience you may have shadowing a physician assistant, and there could be more questions they ask you.

Personal questions that will ask about what motivates you or what challenges you’ve ever had and how did you get through those challenges. You will be in front of a number of people interviewing you so that there will be a number of different opinions on who should get a spot into the PA program. There’s no way you can anticipate what questions they’re going to ask you, but what you do know is that you can’t stumble at a loss of words. You have to speak with confidence.

These questions that they’re going to ask you are going to be based on what they want to see in a candidate, or they’re going to be based on what they would like to know more about from what they saw on your application. What you should do is make sure you review your application and read over what you think they’ll probably ask. Maybe you have forgotten some of what you put on the application because of the fact that you sent a while ago.

Aside from looking at your application, you should also review transcripts and see what areas of interest they may have regarding that. I hope that you made sure you saved a copy of your personal statement because you need to go over that and see what they may ask about it. Even though you don’t know what they have said about you already you should still think about it. Look over everything you think may come up during your interview, and above all else….relax.

Relax, get some good food in you, and sleep well because tomorrow is a huge day for you. Stay positive knowing that you’ll do great and you should do just that without a doubt.

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