Here are 10 Schools That Have Great Physician Assistant Programs

Its great that you have decided to become a physician assistant because it really is a phenomenal career to get into. Now that you have made this decision, its time to decide which school you want to attend. Here are 10 schools that have the best PA programs in the country……

University of Iowa – This schools offers PA programs that are very different from other schools because of the fact that its curriculum has been created to allow students to complete more than 60% of their academic studies with the aid of sophomore medical students.

Duke University – This school offers aspiring PA students programs that are split into two sections. The first part of the program deals with academic studies and the second does hands on clinical rotations.

Emory University – There is a 28 month PA program that comes with this school, and it has a great focus on primary health care. Their academic curriculum is splint into 3 different sections which are academic studies, hands on clinical rotations, and advanced academic studies.

George Washington University – There are 2 graduate level programs that are given out of this university. There is the usual and traditional 2 year physician assistant program and there is the 3 year joint program where two students complete the course together. There is also community service that is necessary to finish the program.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas – This university offers aspiring students a PA program that has students take four academic semesters with an added semesters of them doing clinical rotations.

University of Utah – Their PA program is another one that is splint up into 2 phases with the first year being academic coursework and the second year involving hands on clinical rotations.

University of Washington – Both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree is offered to students at this university. Students are going to be working on different projects, they’ll will be doing clinical rotations, and they’re going to be doing academic coursework.

University of Colorado in Denver – Has a specialty program for PA students that focuses on pediatrics, and its curriculum is prepared so that students learn how to provide treatment for kids of all ages.

Baylor College of Medicine – This program is offered to students who have a master’s degree. It will take 30 to 34 months to complete the PA program offered here. Its divided into 2 sections in which the first is academic coursework, and the second is hands on clinical work.

Oregon Health and Science University – The PA program that is offered here lasts for 26 months, with a first section involving coursework and the second working to get hands on experience doing clinical rotations.

These are the top 10 physician assistant programs in the nation! That’s right, and if you still decide not to attend these schools you can still get a great education elsewhere.


  1. Great list, these schools are indeed have quality education.

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